Heart & Soul


It brings me great joy to witness the beauty of human connection even when those connections are just through one conversation. Often, in my experience, it only takes one mindful, intentional delivery of a message to the soul to make a deep impact on someone’s life. This work for me, is about this, right here; the heart and soul of the human connection and the healing that comes with it. I am simply the vessel who creates and holds a sacred container for the message. You sweet friends, are the healers of your own story. I am blessed to have been a small part of creating balance and restoring peace in your heart and soul. I am equally blessed to have met you. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Peace and blessings always.


With love,




Hiii!☀️Just wanting to thank you. You were super instrumental in getting the ball rolling and me sticking through the divorce process. It was finalized last week; it took more than nine months. It was terrible, but necessary I suppose as so many things revealed itself. I am SO relieved it’s over and SOOO happyI no longer have to give it or him any more of my energy.

Bridal Shower Blessing


Last night was so special, thank you for leading it so expertly, and for the photos☺️, and the deck you chose and gifted was *beautiful*, the experience lived way beyond my expectations.



Kaye is an incredibly gifted and empathetic person. She is an expert of guiding you to the edge of what you are looking for, but allowing you to discover it on your own–providing power, knowledge, and respite in the emotional heft we all carry. Kaye will lighten your burden by being an active listener, a caring person, and a soothing voice. I had an incredibly tough couple of years and I truly believe that I would not be here today if it weren’t for her. She knows when to push and more importantly she knows when to lay back. She is a true friend to everyone she meets and knows so much about relationships, healing, and trauma that she can help just about anyone help themselves. She was my emotional sherpa, my relationship shaman, and the one person I could count on when I feared there was no one left.

Maria Fernandes

Chicago, IL

I worked with Kaye Stone (referred to by a friend) to help me start the path to achieving a very difficult personal and professional goal that meant letting go of a lot and moving forward to something bigger and better (easier said than done). I needed the help of my ancestors to walk through the process of change. I was told she could help me with that. Indeed she did communicate with my ancestors and helped me feel their power as I moved towards my goals. Kaye helped me understand what they were saying. It was a comforting and validating experience. Kaye is very compassionate and empathetic. She is also committed to her process, and takes her gift seriously. Kaye was very supportive, even when I contacted her months after our initial consultation. I consider the work Kaye and I did together the same as what happens when people pray together. I keep my stone in my desk drawer so I see it multiple times a day. It's next to my chapstick. Thank you, Kaye!



I was originally introduced to Kaye’s customized retreats as a birthday gift. It was an incredibly relaxing experience. Kaye led us through a journey that allowed me to free my mind. She guided me to discover my spirit animal and higher guide who have both been a large part of my life ever since. I have continued to work with Kaye on customized retreats and it is one of the only times I truly am able to let go. I love how Kaye sets up the space beautifully and guides the retreat based on what is needed at the moment.  



Customized Retreats   Kaye’s customized retreats have been so impactful to my personal growth. I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve been able to explore things about myself and the world that I otherwise would not have taken the time or had the knowledge to uncover. We’ve done this in private and group settings—it’s a great way to deepen friendships as well! Kaye finds the perfect balance of guiding you and using her intuition while still leaving space for you to guide yourself. … Infant Reiki When my twins were young, Kaye was able to use Reiki to help with some sleep issues and colic, and even soul communicated with them to discover certain fears or hurdles they were facing which helped us work though some difficult phases. It was incredible to gain this insight and see real changes based on her advice.



My soul sessions with Kaye have been more powerful than therapy. I am a Covid long hauler and she helped me on a path of healing and purpose after my whole life had been upended. Reiki helped my lung function improve dramatically even though there is still permanent damage. She has also helped me find a purpose and start the healing process through her work with spirit. I now have a positive outlook and direction when I so easily could have the opposite. Her care and concern for me has meant the world and I highly recommend her sessions. I can’t wait to see her again!



I met with Kaye during the height of difficult breastfeeding journey with my daughter. My daughter was born three weeks early, tongue tied, and with a recessed jaw. In addition to all of that, my milk supply was low which only added to the frustration of everything. Day after day my daughter and I were reduced to a puddle of tears and hours were lost using every system under the sun to get her to the breast. After Kaye’s soul communication with my daughter, it became clear that forcing my own breastfeeding agenda on my daughter was not only ineffective, but it wasn’t respecting my daughters wishes and needs. I learned through Kaye’s gentle guidance that all my daughter wanted was to be loved, held, and close to me. Once I let go of forcing breastfeeding in the way I thought it was “supposed” to be, a weight lifted off my shoulders and more smiles than tears filled the days. I am thankful for Kaye shedding light to my situation and allowing me to see my daughter and her desires more clearly.


New York

Meditation, journaling, letting go of anger and letting go of which that you cannot control, and healing. So much healing. My apologies for my meltdown. The moon party was very emotional for me. I can’t thank you enough for including me in this.



The art of release is something I am still working on, but is so necessary for resilience and moving forward. Your perspective on this has been invaluable to helping me over the years. Life challenges us to learn to let go in so many ways...unmet expectations, loss of loved ones, children who grow up, hurt and resentments that plague our relationships and those moments when our whole world shifts in an instant and all that was familiar to us changes (the crash-course, masterclass in release). We collectively experienced so much of this in 2020. It has been hard and still is regardless of where you’ve been before.
You introduced me to a way to make ceremonies and bring regular focus to this inviting me to your full moon ceremonies. You gave me opportunities to see possibilities and release more directly that which I wouldn’t let go of in my body through the reiki you share. And when life has been in a particularly difficult moment, our conversations have helped bring clarity and challenges to consider on my journey.



I am almost speechless. I cannot thank you enough for delivering this message to me. Really. I have been asking my mom for a sign to let me know she is okay; I have been getting so frustrated because I haven't gotten one. I truly believe I was meant to meet you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you yesterday, not just because of the message, but when I talk to you I get an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace; something I haven't felt since my mom passed. I cannot thank you enough for giving me this message. It has brought me so much peace to know she is happy and okay.



Thank you for hosting this evenings moon party and giving me and my girls a chance to connect with our John. It means everything to us in our path of healing. You have helped my daughter so much.



I thank God for you everyday. Because of you, I have grown more confident, empowered myself, and taken control of my life. You are an amazing woman…someone your daughter will truly look up to and aspire to become. Thank you for giving so much to me. Our connection lead me to discovering breads crumbs that allowed me to make a decision I needed to make a long time ago. The love and support provided by your service gave me the green light on transformation needed to change my life a positive way.



I’m certain you understand what a wonderful surprise your praying angel was to receive. It has been on our mantle since the day we moved in. It brings us so much comfort each day! Really!!! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Thank you for the prayers and the kind card. I can’t tell you how much my husband was moved by your words.


Hawaii, January 2020

I found your letter a few weeks ago. To be completely honest, I cried. For one, I met you at such a time where I was lost in the depths of grief. Not just from losing myself, but losing my sound. I write you, now, over a year later I’m still a little broken, but now, I’m writing my first album. I release my first single next month. (fingers crossed) I never thought in a million years, I would be in this place, doing what I love—writing an album. But you said follow my voice and it would put me on the right path. You are an angel and I’m pretty sure we met that day for a reason. I keep your letter and lapis tucked away in a place only I know of and revisit it often when I need a reminder of my reason for living on this planet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Hawaii, September 2018

My dear, I received your package and your letter. I instantly sobbed. You are absolutely right, things happen for a reason. And your letter not only showed up at a time where I’ve been doubting my ability, but with a crystal my heart is SO connected to. Lapis always has a way of bringing my soul back to where it belongs. I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you so very much for all your kind words and the lapis. You are a special human, yourself my dear. Keep writing those words that will inspire many.



Thank you for the moonstone and jade! I carry them everywhere. Your words have been so inspiring and I believe our paths crossed for a reason. Your positivity and kindness has truly inspired me to be better. After reading about what you do for couples and families, I am going to keep a positive outlook and be grateful for what I do have. We spent such short time together, but it was a great impact because of your genuine and sincere personality. Look us up if you ever decide to come back to the island. Aloha.



This has been a very challenging year to say the least. What has gotten me through this year has been my family and friends, especially my husband. However, I couldn’t have started healing without you. You have brought me joy, inspiration, and healing to my life. You are a beautiful soul and has inspired me in so many ways. I met you at a spiritual healing event, and I am beyond grateful that the stars aligned and brought the two of us together that day. You have given me friendship and inspiration on days when I thought those two things didn’t exist anymore. You inspired me to create vision boards and channel my inner child to create something out of truth. My life has changed because of your guidance. You’ve inspired me to cook healthier and taught me what bok choy and bone broth are! I’ve been challenged to step out of my comfort zone and do things I was anxious about like parallel parking and editing my resume. I recommend these services to anyone looking for healing, whether spiritually or if you simply need some motivation in your life. Thank you for teaching me to speak my truth in a world where that doesn’t happen much.


North Carolina

You are an impactful, sensitive, and intuitive guide. The results of your work with my 6-year-old daughter has resulted in a calmer more peaceful household. The detailed insight into my daughter’s behavioral struggles created a connection with her that has resulted in healing. I have a greater understanding of her emotional needs and how to parent her in a way that is loving and affective. The simple and effective tools provided helped my daughter deal with her big emotions. The beautiful healing wheel, along with a stuffed animal horse helped soothe my child’s sensitive and intuitive soul. Thank you for serving as a sounding board for me and giving me insight in managing my own emotions so I can be with my daughter in a way that creates connection. You are a gifted healer with a love for children and families. I highly recommend your services if anyone has a child who is struggling. You will continue to be an important part of our daughter’s therapy and healing.