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The Story

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears." -Native American Proverb

In SAPPHIRE RAIN Kaye Stone illustrates how to heal heartache and pain through seven principal phases:

Red – understand the foundation
Orange – trust intuition
Yellow – learn self-mastery 
Green – heal the heart
Blue – speak truth
Indigo – see truth
Violet – connect to something greater than yourself 

In this inspirational narrative, Kaye Stone revisits personal experiences of abuse, teenage pregnancy, divorce, and clairvoyance. Her story lays the groundwork for surviving solo, and her charming touches of humor ease the intensity to a path of redemption.

After a fearless, meandering walk through a spiritual death, Emily slowly emerges with an awakening and rebirth. SAPPHIRE RAIN invites you to fall in love with the one person in this life worth fighting for—YOU.

Book Sneak Peak

It took thirty-eight revelations, not to be confused with revolutions, around the sun to tell my story.


To many, my memoir will likely be just as shocking as my new line of work—and name. The truth; I ended up borrowing my middle name under a wig of protection, if you will, to revisit my life through the shadows of truth.


There was a little girl dying inside to remember my foundation of sexual abuse and how that deeply rooted trauma dictated every decision I’ve made thus far. As the words met the pages, my heart broke for the little girl nicknamed Emily Sunshine who was crowned secret keeper to her abusers and their filthy lies.


It was the voice behind the image in the mirror; a piece of my soul I had forgotten all about; who was dying inside to tell a story—of truth.

I write through the bands of the rainbow with seven main themes. My promise is to take you on an adventure laughing and crying our way through truth and triggers. We’ll be wildly unapologetic to how we choose to take our lives back, too.My story can be used as a road map to heal from past wounds.


Until someone in the class raises their hand to speak, the rest of us are likely to remain silent. I raise my hand and speak—for us.


Allow this to be your invitation to a beacon of Light helping navigate the shadows of truth; guiding you safely home to the promise within.


Walk and transform along with me, sweet friend, through the bands of the rainbow as we take back what was stolen from us—our voice.


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“Raw and poignant. Bittersweet and hopeful. This coming of age story about surviving abuse and teenage pregnancy and finding the courage to escape a toxic marriage, all while building a strong family and pursuing career dreams is wrapped in self-discovery with dashes of humor and anchored by a profound spiritual awakening.” -Anonymous
"Your story is filled with so much heart, humor, emotion and relatability. Your details and way with words are so unique and descriptive. Your strong voice punches through the page. There were so many poignant and powerful lines about your journey. Of course, your humor leapt off the page at every turn. I really just want to empathize how much there is to love in this book." - Laura Silverman, Author of “Girl Out Of Water”