A start to my story...

If anyone would have told me four years ago, my second job this lifetime would include communicating with souls and hearing the angels speak—I would have laughed at them.

I am well aware of how crazy that sounds. Believe me, it took time getting used to it myself. I had a different idea about my life. One that included a home and family to raise in what was believed to be my forever story.

It took leaving an old story to discover a new one waiting around the bend. I’ve always had a deep connection to what some would call Heaven and Earth. It’s always been the stars and the clouds keeping my attention for hours on end. And—the moon has always been the constant reminder of the Light in the dark.

When I was younger, I used to pray, “If the world is ever broken, leave me behind and I’ll rebuild it.”

The truth; that prayer was likely a cry for help as it directly related to my story. It was actually my world that was broken and what needed healing.

Foresight was the gift. Hindsight was the dark cloud hovering over my head.

My foundation rested on unfavorable statistics. I am one in three women who have been sexually abused as a child—not by one, but two people in my life close to my heart. I’m 25% of abused children who ends up pregnant as a teenager. I am also part of the percentage of abused children who ends up in an abusive relationship as an adult.

That was, until I was brave enough to walk away from it all, facing another statistic.

My resume only had a 25% chance of landing a decent job. Stay-at-home mom, PTA volunteer and entrepreneur were all I had to offer on paper.


Defeated and tired of numbers, I opted for words to write a new story in real time. Adjusting as a single mom and rebuilding a life full of triggers wasn’t easy. Aside from that, there were two sets of eyes carefully watching my every move. Lucky for us, my hands were gifted with the magic to change everything.

I dedicated many years to healing the story that was handed to us. Thankfully, I was blessed to land in the hands of powerful healers and teachers. Their gifts helped me heal and discover my own. Inspired by the power of spiritual healing, I studied Japanese Reiki and Shamanism further deepening my connection to the Light above, the Light below and the Light inside. Perhaps understood as heaven, earth and the spirit within.

I use my story and life experience as a platform to inspire others to rebuild and heal the world they live in.

We are only as broken as we allow ourselves to be. It’s up us to become the hero of our own journey.

That journey begins with the trinity of Light.

"Seeking your Light, is the key to unlocking the promise within, known as—the rainbow of the soul."

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